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2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Kaitlyn Preis,

Runs meetings, introduces speakers, makes announcements, works with exec on ideas for events and speakers, organizes meetings, keeps current on education issues to share with members, and is a member of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) board.

Vice President: Carly Gillette,

Contacts speakers to speak during meetings, sends thank you notes to each speaker, and makes the newsletter.

Secretary: Hannah Kaufman,

Takes minutes at meetings and sends them out to the organization.

Treasurer: Shawn White,

Tracks balance, writes checks, and deposits money.

Membership/Communciations Chair: Phoebe Mellovitz,

Sends out reminder emails of meetings and events, takes attendance, updates roster, updates website, organizes apparel, and takes pictures at events.

Service Chair: Savannah Hoff,

Plans and organizes service events for surrounding schools

Advisor: Professor Beverly Peters,

Oversees suggestions and decisions made by the executive board.


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