February Meetings

February 24 Meeting

We were very lucky to have Myra Collins and Pam Carte come to talk to us from the RPDC department about the Common Core.  They were able to give us a lot of resources and information about  the Common Core.

Some of the websites that they suggested to check out were:

Progressions for mathematics can be found at: http://ime.math.arizona.edu/progressions/

ELA Resources:
Model Curriculum Units
This site offers item analysis with DOK levels, Standards addressed, Claims and Targets, scoring guides, and exemplar answers.

February 10 Meeting

Instead of our usual meeting, we watched “The New Public”, a documentary about how a school changed how it taught in order to relate to kids.  You can view the trailer here: http://youtu.be/rsIYKkS9txc

Upcoming Events

Read Across America, March 1

We will be reading several Dr. Seuss books and leading activities that go along with the books to kids from 1-2 pm on Saturday at Adair County Public Library.

NEA Meeting, March 17

Our next meeting will be in VH 1300 at 5 pm.  Professor Peters will be coming in to talk about classroom management.  MNEA’s new Student Director, Scott Kiehl will also be coming.

MNEA Representative Assembly, April 25-28

This will be held in Tan-Tar A, MO.  It is a state-wide assembly to discuss the direction we want MNEA to go.  It is a great way to get to meet teachers and other MNEA students from across the state.

NEA Representative Assembly and Student Leadership Council, June 28-July 1 (or 6)

This year, the National NEA Representative Assembly is in Denver, CO. It is an amazing experience to meet people nationwide and be a part of NEA at the national level.  Declarations for candidacy are due via email to karen.sholes@mnea.org by Friday, March 14. Missouri can send 3 members from the MNEA student program.

MNEA Summer Academy, July 15-16

The MNEA Summer Academy will be held in Columbia, MO.