October 14th Meeting

For our meeting this week, Polly Matteson from the Career Center came to talk about tips and ideas to help you ace the interview, find your dream job, and get into graduate school. She had a ton of valuable information and it was great that she was able to come to our meeting!

Some of the helpful tips that Polly Matteson gave us was:

For the interview, be prepared to answer questions about your values, interests, traits, skills, and experience.  You should also do your research on the school district you are looking for by knowing their mission, history, competitors, and future plans.  If you have a difficult time determining your strengths and weaknesses you can visit www.authentichappiness.com and take the “Brief Strengths Test” or the “VIA Survey of Character Strengths” to help you get an idea of what they are.  You will have to create an account before you will be able to take either of the surveys, but it is free and doesn’t take long.
When you tell stories during the interview, be sure to follow the STAR method.  Talk about the situation, the task, the action you took, and the result.  Be sure to include the result to show that you learned and improved something because of that experience.
Introduce yourself at the interview with a confident handshake and a smile.  Give eye contact and be conversational.

Of course, the Career Center does more than just interview preparation.  There are many helpful tools available on the Career Center’s webpage.  If you would like help in preparing for what happens after you graduate Truman, visit the Career Center on the third floor of the SUB.  They can critique your resume, do mock interviews, and are there to help you with everything career related.

Upcoming Events

NEA Meeting October 28

Our next meeting on October 28 will be at Dr. Perrachione’s house.  We will have hot dogs, chips, and soda for everyone.  We will also be carving pumpkins, so bring a pumpkin and carving tools with you.  In a couple of days we will be sending out an email with GoogleDoc to RSVP and directions on how to get to her house.  If you need a ride to Dr. Perrachione’s house, let us know on the GoogleDoc.

SMSTA Fall Festival Planning October 17, 7pm

SMSTA, a group for students interested in the Education field, is hosting a Fall Festival for the Novinger schools.  There will be games, a reading corner, a haunted hallway, and plenty of activities to make it a great night for students in the Novinger area.  They need help in planning all of the fun activities though, so come help out if you can.  If you have any questions, contact SMSTA Vice-President Teah Cunningham at tmc4624@truman.edu.

SMSTA Fall Festival October 31, 5:30-7:30 pm
NEA Schuyler Family Fun Night November 4, 5:30-7:30

Every year NEA holds a Family Fun Night at Schuyler Elementary.  Kids come to have a good time with their family doing activities that we lead.  All the activities are already planned so we just have to show up and have a great time with the kids.  Pictures from last year are posted on our website under Event Photos (scroll down to the bottom) and it was a lot of fun.


There aren’t any Webinars that will be presented soon, but there are still plenty of pre-recorded Webinars that you have access to.