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January 26th

At the first meeting of the semester, NEA members brainstormed meeting ideas as well as service project possibilities. We got many new ideas and suggestions that will help us plan a productive semester. NEA hopes to start planning for a big service project which will be a collaboration between the other education groups on campus.

Upcoming Events
  • FEA Competition Service Opportunity- Feb 18th 11am-1pm in Columbia, MO
    • Contact Kaitlyn at for more info
  • Tutoring opportunities always available
    • Email or any exec member
  • Next meeting Feb. 9th!

September 22nd Meeting

This week’s meeting focused on a political action discussion and introducing new volunteer opportunities.

MNEA is currently involved in two big political campaigns, Degrees Not Debt and Protect Our Local Schools.
Degrees Not Debt is a national campaign that focuses on reducing the amount of debt that have college students have by the time they graduate. This campaign is particulalry relevant to us now and in the future!
Protect Our Local Schools deals with Amendment 3, an amendment on the ballot this November. Amendment 3 aims to have the majority of teacher evaluations be based on standardized test scores, as well as basing up to 50 percent of a teacher’s salary on these scores too. Along with this, it takes away teacher tenure and prevents collective bargaining for pay scales and benefits. MNEA says this amendment will take away local control, increase cost, and implement a one-size-fits-all approach. MNEA opposes this amendment!

For more information about either of these campaigns you can visit and For Amendment 3 info, you may also visit

Volunteer opportunities that were discussed at the meeting include; Schuyler Family Fun Night, Science on Saturdays, High School Tutoring, and more! Please visit our new Volunteer Opportunities tab for more details!

Upcoming Events

  • MAE Film Series: The Address- Sept. 25th from 4-6pm in VH 1000
  • SCORE Mock Interviews- Sept. 29th, sign up with the career center
  • MNEA Fall Leadership Conference- Oct. 18th from 10-3 at Battle High School in Columbia; sign up at (it’s free and we will carpool to get there!)
  • Schuyler Family Fun Night- Nov. 6th from 6-7:30pm
  • Next meeting is Oct. 6th at 5pm!

Don’t forget to check out the Volunteer Opportunities tab for more upcoming opportunities!

Upcoming Event!

The Education Department is presenting  a screening of the film: The Address. It is about students at a school for boys with learning disabilities that has an annual tradition of their students memorizing and performing the Gettysburg Address.

The event will take place Thursday September 25th from 4-6pm in Violette Hall 1000.


April 14th- Last Meeting of the Year

For our last meeting of the year, everyone got together to enjoy some delicious pizza and had fun playing various board games. It was a great way to end the semester and the year!

Upcoming Events

Guest Speaker, May 1st

NEA and SMSTA will be joining together to hear Sandi Bowers speak about how to work with students of different religious or cultural backgrounds. This event will take place at 7pm in VH 1236.


March 31 Meeting

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Executive Board!

President: Matthew Matheney
Vice President: Kristen Gavenda
Secretary: Sarah Moutray
Treasurer: Ray Hilger
Membership Chair: Leah Gamble
Communications Chair: Kaitlyn Preis
Advisor: Professor Bev Peters

For our meeting,  Kirksville Superintendent Patrick Williams came to speak to us about education administration.  He explained the responsibilities that he has as a superintendent.  He also gave us advice on spending time working with kids to learn how to interact with them.  It does not matter whether it is coaching, tutoring, or anything as long as you are interacting with them.  He encourages new teachers to observe veteran teachers to learn from their wisdom (there is no need to re-invent the wheel!)

Upcoming Meetings

NEA Meeting April 24, VH 1332

At our last meeting of the semester, we will be celebrating with a pizza and game night!  Bring your favorite board game and enjoy some pizza with us!

March 17

Missouri NEA Director of Student Programs, Scott Kiehl, came to speak with us about a new Mentoring Program offered through NEA that is designed to take you from college to colleague. This mentoring program would allow student NEA members to speak with a teacher near where you are attending college or in the school district in which you hope to teach. Another great opportunity he shared with us was Interview Preparation. You can schedule a practice interview with a trained interviewer to help you prepare for future interviews with schools. This practice interview can be done via Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting or phone. An appointment is about 20 minutes long.

Our second speaker of the evening was our own Professor Beverly Peters. She gave us a great presentation on Classroom Management. She is an experienced teacher with lots of tips and wisdom to share. The main points to her presentation are below:

Becoming an Effective Educator (3 Steps)
1. Exhibit positive expectations for ALL students.
2. Design lessons for student mastery.
3. Establish good classroom management techniques.
Your classroom management has to change to fit the students. Not all techniques will work on every class.
Tip #1: Consistency on the 1st day – 1st week is key.
Tip #2: Explain the importance of rules.
Tip #3: Major behavior problems in classrooms are caused by the failure of students to follow procedures and routines.
Needed Procedures (how things are done):
-What to do at the beginning of class period
-Quieting a class (develop an effective, age-appropriate quiet signal)
-How and when to handle students seeking help
-Movement of students and papers
-End of class period
For more information on classroom management, you can contact Professor Peters at  Peters provided us with several handouts and if anyone is interested in a copy, they can go to the NEA bulletin board in Violette Hall for the extras.

Upcoming Events

Meeting, March 31

Elections will be held at this meeting! If you have any questions, contact NEA Exec.

Our next meeting will be March 31st. Hope to see you all there!

February Meetings

February 24 Meeting

We were very lucky to have Myra Collins and Pam Carte come to talk to us from the RPDC department about the Common Core.  They were able to give us a lot of resources and information about  the Common Core.

Some of the websites that they suggested to check out were:

Progressions for mathematics can be found at:

ELA Resources:
Model Curriculum Units
This site offers item analysis with DOK levels, Standards addressed, Claims and Targets, scoring guides, and exemplar answers.

February 10 Meeting

Instead of our usual meeting, we watched “The New Public”, a documentary about how a school changed how it taught in order to relate to kids.  You can view the trailer here:

Upcoming Events

Read Across America, March 1

We will be reading several Dr. Seuss books and leading activities that go along with the books to kids from 1-2 pm on Saturday at Adair County Public Library.

NEA Meeting, March 17

Our next meeting will be in VH 1300 at 5 pm.  Professor Peters will be coming in to talk about classroom management.  MNEA’s new Student Director, Scott Kiehl will also be coming.

MNEA Representative Assembly, April 25-28

This will be held in Tan-Tar A, MO.  It is a state-wide assembly to discuss the direction we want MNEA to go.  It is a great way to get to meet teachers and other MNEA students from across the state.

NEA Representative Assembly and Student Leadership Council, June 28-July 1 (or 6)

This year, the National NEA Representative Assembly is in Denver, CO. It is an amazing experience to meet people nationwide and be a part of NEA at the national level.  Declarations for candidacy are due via email to by Friday, March 14. Missouri can send 3 members from the MNEA student program.

MNEA Summer Academy, July 15-16

The MNEA Summer Academy will be held in Columbia, MO.